Truck Shipping

Truck shipping is vital for many businesses and individuals who are into investing in these types of vehicles. Due to their value, we want to give you peace of mind by knowing how shipping is done for this type of vehicle and the services we can offer for your investment.

Shipping trucks is quite similar to regular car shipping, but with some differences in the manner of delivery. Large vehicles can have differences in shipping regulations. However, we guarantee to help you along the way to make shipping more beneficial for you.

Truck Shipping Services

We offer numerous services that will suit the way you prefer to ship and receive your vehicle along with many other services.

Regular Truck Shipping

Regular truck shipping is when you simply want to move or relocate your truck to other parts of the world for work or other purposes. We guarantee high quality shipping procedures similar to the manner by which we ship regular cars. Our expertise in this field helps us to assist you with efficient shipping, ensuring that your truck will arrive safe to its destination.

Delivery Arrangement with Dealership

Purchasing trucks overseas is done by many individuals who may want to purchase a truck that is unavailable in their local country. We can assist in arranging the delivery with the dealership, seller or manufacturer where you have purchased your truck. We closely work with dealerships to ensure that your truck will be delivered on time and minimize the hassle of delays. Shipping trucks have been a part of our business for many years and guarantee that your ordered truck will be delivered to the destination safely and efficiently.

Truck Exportation for Commercial Purposes

Trucks are a vital investment for numerous commercial industries like construction, freight, the industrial field and many more. Companies in these fields order numerous trucks at a time to aid with their business operations. We can ship multiple trucks for a single consignee. Being in this business for some time, we are aware of the technicalities that come with delivering vehicles for commercial uses. We can arrange shipment for you and ensure your trucks will depart and arrive safely.

Pick Up and Drop Off Services

It takes an expert to drive a truck and, in case you or your truck driver are unavailable to bring the truck to our terminal, we can pick up your truck for you and continue with the shipment. As long as we have all the documents for shipping your truck, we’ll handle the entire process and your consignee simply needs to await arrival.

Aside from pick up, we can also drop off your truck to its destination or, in the event that you are unavailable to directly receive delivery, in one of our terminals. Be sure to inform us about the services you require and we’ll gladly include them to make the shipment process more beneficial for you.

Our pick up and drop off services are also recommended if you have an inoperable truck for shipping. Since it’s an inoperable truck, driving it won’t be possible in preparation for shipment. We can pick up your inoperable truck and drop it off at our terminal destination.

Shipping Types

As with automobiles, you can ship your trucks through two shipping options:

Roll On/Roll Off Shipping

Roll On/Roll Off (RoRo) shipping is the most cost-efficient way of shipping trucks. Your truck will be shipped via large ship to the destination port. These ships have decks that are expansive enough to accommodate large trucks of varying sizes.

As large vehicles, trucks are placed on different decks for efficient loading, placement and offloading. Expect that trucks won’t be placed together with regular cars, ensuring the safety of every vehicle in the fleet.

RoRo shipping is also the only option for you if you’re shipping extra heavy-duty trucks like cranes and railway carriages. They will fit accordingly in large fleets, which will save you a lot of money.

Placing them inside the RoRo doesn’t end with placing them on their designated spaces. We will ensure that your trucks are secure in place to eliminate movement once the fleet departs from port.

Container Shipping

Container shipping is where trucks are placed inside large, stainless steel shipment containers for delivery. The good thing about this option is it provides better security for your prized vehicle investment. Stainless steel containers are heavy-duty containers that work as protective shells for your truck. We will also secure truck parts inside the container for better protection.

While beneficial, container shipping has its disadvantages. First, extra protection will cost you more money. Second, containers have limited sizes, which means only limited truck sizes will fit. And even smaller trucks may needed to be dismantled first before placing them inside the container. Cabs and other detachable parts will be disassembled then placed strategically inside the container to give way to easy offloading. They will be secured in place with straps to keep them from moving. Upon arrival, vehicle parts will be offloaded and assembled again.

Types of Trucks to Ship

Numerous trucks are used in different fields, but we guarantee to ship all types of trucks. Some of the truck types often shipped overseas are the following:

  • Flatbed trucks
  • Cargo boxes
  • Dump trucks
  • Tankers
  • Cement mixers
  • Medical trailer
  • Specialty trucks and other equipment

Essential Shipping Details to Remember

Due to their uses, trucks may require more documentation before they can be cleared out for shipping. This goes the same for clearing them out for releasing after customs evaluation.

A good point to remember is that specific customs laws may apply for importing trucks. Another helpful detail is that you may be charged additional monies as payment for “destination fees”. Destination fees vary depending on the country and something you should check online because you will need to pay for them as the consignee.

When investing in the best trucks for your business or personal use, have them shipped professionally with our services. Inquire by calling our lines as soon as possible and we can give you a quote.