International Vehicle Shipping Services

When choosing which forwarding firm you are going to trust when moving your vehicles from anywhere in the United States to any point in the world and vice-versa, the first thing you have to look at as a paying client is the kind of services they are offering and how they are employing these services for the benefit of their clients. For example, look at how they secure cars before putting them inside the containers. This is critical in maintaining the vehicle’s pristine condition while in transit. If the company you are choosing does not follow standard operating procedures in securing cars on their premises, then it’s not worth the risk.

Car Shipping Services

International Vehicle Shipping’s main strength lies in our vehicle shipment services. We can ship almost all sorts of motor vehicles that have wheels and an engine. No size is too small or too big for us as long as they’re motor vehicles. Our company also accepts shipments for damaged or inoperative vehicles. In fact, you don’t even have to bring out your cars just to have them shipped out internationally. If you have purchased a car from a showroom in the United States and you want it shipped to an international destination, you may opt to arrange for one of our professional staff to pick up the car at the showroom and then have it shipped to your preferred destination. Most of the time, International Vehicle Shipping uses air transportation to transport vehicles needed to be moved from one place to another because it’s the quickest mode of transportation. In addition to this, our reliable staff would be happy to assist you when complying with all the formalities needed to be undertaken in the United States such as ownership documents, insurances, and other needed requirements before your vehicles are approved for departure. This ensures a smoother process and also removes your hassle of lining up for a long period of time just to get and submit necessary paperwork. Also, International Vehicle Shipping works hand-in-hand with some eBay buyers and sellers to ship out their vehicles from the United States as well.

International Vehicle Shipping also ships motorcycles and RVs. For motorcycles, it’s the same as for normal cars. A representative from our company will go to the dealership when the motorcycle is to be purchased from the dealership in the United States and bring it to the point of departure for proper processing and documentation before the actual delivery via plane. In fact, International Vehicle Shipping also ships all sorts of motorcycles including ATVs, customized choppers, sports bikes, cruisers, and other types of motorcycles. The same thing is done with RVs and other types of motor vehicles.

International Vehicle Shipping deals with all sorts of motor vehicles. From small sedans, imports and trucks to even buses, we not only manage them but ship them with utmost care and respect.

Aside from shipping cars through the use of airplanes, International Vehicle Shipping offers delivery via sea, using a cargo ship through a roll-on roll-off mechanism. It employs the same mechanisms as those in our air shipment services. The only difference between a sea cargo and an air shipment method of delivery is the duration for the completion of the transfer. The sea delivery will take much longer compared to air delivery because the cars will undergo various inspections in the port before being kept inside the containers. However, rest assured that International Vehicle Shipping follows standard operating procedures when making sure that the cars being entrusted to them are in the same condition when they reached their destination.

Truck and Bus Shipping

Unlike other shipping companies, International Vehicle Shipping also specializes in shipping out larger types of vehicles such as trucks and buses. In fact, shipping out trucks and other large motor vehicles from anywhere in the United States to other parts of the globe is a big part of our logistics services which means we only deliver the best results each and every time. Our many years of service are a testament to this commitment and we go the extra mile to assist our customers. If need be, we can assist you further by having someone from our fleet pick up your truck by using a tow truck, load it inside a container at the port, and send it to your client’s designated point of destination. Since trucks are heavier, all trucks are shipped by sea. Any type of truck is accepted. Also, International Vehicle Shipping can ship out military vehicles, construction vehicles, tankers, flat beds, tow trucks, cargo trucks, and even heavy haulers. International Vehicle Shipping provides shipping services of trucks and other types of large motor vehicles in almost all countries such as Europe, Asia, Australia, and Africa. We have a wide connection in these countries to allow better communication when we ship these vehicles from any point in the United States.

Other Services

Although it’s its main line of business, International Vehicle Shipping does more than just ship cars. Aside from shipping all sorts of motor vehicles, International Vehicle Shipping offers other services such as moving services. In this service, the company will help families or business establishments move their property from any point in the United States to other parts of the world. This includes shipping of furniture, appliances, and other things that are found inside the house or office. In addition to this, International Vehicle Shipping also ships out all kinds of machinery.

We offers other kinds of shipping methods for non-motor vehicle items including shipping of furniture that is used for business purposes from any state in the United States to any designated point of destination in the world. In fact, we can even help you remove goods, let’s say, inside your office or house. We also accept handling of open deck projects and other related port activities. While International Vehicle Shipping does more than just shipping out vehicles from any point in the United States to any country in the world, it remains our best service and is considered by most as the best there is in the world today.