RV Shipping

RVs and motorhomes are outdoor lovers’ best friends. Just like other vehicles, RVs are prized investments, and for some, serve as permanent homes. You need to leave the job of shipping in the hands of trustworthy shipping companies if you plan to move it overseas.

Ship Your RV to Your New Location

RVs and motorhomes are travelers’ important investments. They travel overseas and even decide to stay in their new homes for a long time. Shipping companies can transport RVs to consignees’ new locations as long as they provide the right documents needed for the procedure. Regardless of the location, you will definitely want to transport your beloved motorhomes wherever you go.

From Dealership or Seller to the Destination

Motorhomes are not all created equal and many of the best ones are only available overseas. With our services, you’ll find it simple to ship your newly purchased RVs to your location. We can contact the dealership and arrange the shipment for you. Our connection with a long list of dealerships and experience in the field simplify the entire process. We guarantee that all the preparations needed for shipping your motorhome will be completed to make sure it will arrive within the timeframe indicated.

Aside from dealership, we can also assist in arranging shipment for RVs purchased from sellers and auctions. We will treat your secondhand RV as if it were obtained from a known dealership or manufacturer. Whether it’s a custom RV or limited edition releases purchased secondhand, we’ll get the job done to deliver it to your location.

Pick Up and Drop Off Services

If you don’t have the time bring your RV to be shipped to us, we’ll be glad to pick it up for you. We can arrange the best schedule for you and even take care of all the pickup procedures. Once picked up, your vehicle will be prepared for shipping, ensuring that it will be ready to go.

We can also offer drop off services in case you don’t have the time to pick up your RV at the destination. However, we recommend assigning a different consignee to pick up your RV for you. Inform us right away about the alternate consignee, so we can add his or her name into our database. Don’t forget to tell the new consignee to bring his ID because it will be used for identification. We will only let the alternate consignee pick up the RV with the proper identification.

Best Shipping Options

Numerous shipping options are available. Choosing the right one for you depends on the type of RV you’re planning to ship.

Container Shipping

Container shipping is the option where your RV is secured inside a shipment container. However, the RV size you can ship inside these containers is limited to smaller vehicles. The shipment process is the same as with regular cars. Several detachable parts may be removed to save space and prevent possible damage. Examples of detachable parts are antennas and mirrors. Once dealt with, the RV will be towed inside the container and secured with braces and straps to control movement. This will ensure your RV will be free from potential damage. The container will then be sealed for shipping.

This option has benefits in form of having a high quality extra protective shell for your prized RV, making it the best option if you have specialized RVs and motorhomes. The downside is it costs more than other shipping options because of the container.

Flat Rack Container

This option is ideal for larger RVs. Some RVs are designed with bigger chassis because of all their improvements. Due to their height, these RVs can be easily loaded on flat rack containers. A flat rack container lets clients ship their RVs without height limitation since it doesn’t have a cover or shell. While beneficial for holding larger RVs, this option has its downsides in terms of protecting vehicles from natural elements. The container doesn’t have the same roof and walls like a regular container. This means that your vehicle will be exposed to sun, rain and dirt, which will affect its appearance upon arrival.

RoRo Shipping

Roll On/Roll Off shipping is also among the top choices in terms of financial savings for shipping large vehicles. A RoRo fleet has a large lower deck meant for shipping vehicles and other land transportation. Having more than 800 feet in length, a RoRo fleet can hold several RVs, cars and trucks. It looks like a parking lot, but only sailing as part of the shipping process. Unlike containers, RoRo fleets don’t have designated containers, but vehicles will have their designated decks and parking spaces. RVs have their own decks for easy loading and offloading. Security straps wrapped around the wheels and eyelets will keep the RVs in place. Despite RV sizes, these straps will make sure they will remain still even once the fleet has departed from the port of origin.

Using RoRo shipping has several advantages and downsides for motorhomes. The fleet’s design will protect the vehicles from elements that may affect their appearance. Moreover, parking vehicles inside is easy because it only requires simple driving. On the downside, it is not as secure considering the distance in between cars and how security solutions like straps are placed on the vehicle. Nevertheless, many people can attest that they get their vehicles without damage even if they chose RoRo shipping.

RV Types for Shipping

Activity lovers and travelers can choose from a long list of RV makes, models, and customizations. We can arrange for the shipping of the following RV types:

  • Motor homes of varying classes
  • Toy haulers
  • Conversion vans
  • Travel trailer
  • Camper trucks
  • Luxury coaches

Whether you’re a traveler or someone relocating to another country, you’ll definitely need a great shipping services that will bring your RV to another location. Call us for assistance about shipping and we’ll send you a quote after filling our form. We’ll be more than happy answer your questions and have your vehicle shipped as soon as possible.