Heavy Equipment

Looking for an experienced international shipping company may not be much of a challenge, but finding a one stop shop to handle international equipment shipping needs for large and heavy construction equipment is now made possible with International Vehicle Shipping. High and heavy machinery such as construction vehicles of all types – dozers, loaders, cranes, excavators and even military vehicles – can now be shipped outside of the US to anywhere in the world. In fact, transporting it directly from the manufacturer to the ship allows you full control of the whole shipment process without the hassle of dealing with several company services. International equipment shipping is not a complicated task after all.

Knowing Your Options, Providing You Services

You tell us your shipment needs and we will strive to provide it, as simple as that. From logistics services to documentation services. Unlike others shipping companies, you have a choice to ship your heavy machinery through the roll-on/roll-off (RORO) service or by ocean or shipment containers. RORO’s are cost-effective while the latter may cost you a bit more. For heavy equipment, RORO would be a better choice of transport. We can ship the heavy equipment as is or partially dismantle it, having our own warehouse and teardown yard to safely store your machines. Plus part of our logistics services aside from packing/loading of containers, is machine washing and even repair services. Our team has managed to specialize in all export and import needs for all International heavy equipment shipment needs.

Begin With A Simple Request

Our website provides you with a shipping quote request which gives us the necessary details of your shipment needs, and a toll free number in case you want to speak to a customer care specialist to further guide you and provide an accurate as possible based on your details shipping quote free of charge. Our specialties consist of the heavy equipment types and this is what we have been proudly dealing with successfully for the past decade. More so, moving businesses overseas can be a walk in the park since we also handle full documentation service. This can be a huge challenge for companies moving overseas, both to and from the US. But using a centralized system of experts working on logistics, equipment storage, trucking, shipping etc. has turned us

into a world-class international freight/shipping service. Your end only requires completion of the necessary equipment documents, and we’re set to do everything for you. Contact us as early as one month before or as late as 2 weeks before you wish to have the equipment picked up.

Always A Step Ahead

Our online shipping guide allows easy access to information necessary for shipping heavy equipment. We are known to meticulously handle all details for an international shipment efficiently. Here’s how we do it:


Huge heavy equipment requires a highly proficient technology based system that we offer. A database and a tracking system that even the largest manufacturing companies from across the globe can rely on. Your heavy equipment load can in fact be booked for shipment online, and a customer’s portal is created which allows you to track your heavy equipment in real-time. This system has made our reliability known world-wide. Our payment system is also safe and easy.


Since our transportation management system is centralized, we help you save time and money in transporting heavy equipment anywhere around the world. It’s an automated system for the whole shipment process which makes it proficiently optimized. Because of this feature, even the most heavy and high volume equipment information is stored in our system. Every specific detail about your heavy cargo is well documented.


We hire only the highest qualified people to handle the heaviest loads. Most importantly, they comprise our partners in logistics, carriers and services whom we have established a stable carrier-shipper relationship with over the years.Whether it’s for a simple load estimation or a complicated load management of heavy machinery, our people will handle you professionally and proficiently.

How Important Is Insurance?

As the name implies, insurance gives you the assurance your cargo will be handled with utmost care. Additionally, Insurance offers protection for the most inevitable of circumstances. International shipment specifically of heavy equipment could take up to 5 months and in that span of time, the machinery can be exposed to various environmental risks. In such a case, you don’t just pay for insurance, but you pay for the high-end protection that comes along with a risky process in a cost-effective way.

Detailed Carrier Management System

Managing heavy equipment shipments can be a handful and you’re a highly valued client who expects nothing but the best in carrier compliance and handling. It’s a perfect blend of technology and personal expertise at work together to provide the service that you pay for. Not all transportation companies specializes in overseas moving of heavy machinery and equipment and this is why clients have trusted us for the past decade. In addition to this, our company is a good standing member of the National Customs Brokers & Forwarders Association of America.

Tools and Forms

Just like any shipping company, clients need to fill out and submit necessary forms to provide complete and accurate information of the heavy equipment for shipment for our database. Customer forms such as:

  • Online Customer Registration
  • Rounders Reference Sheet
  • Storage Contract
  • Domestic Bank Wire Instruction
  • International Wire Instruction

A Commitment To You

Global trade and Industry relies solely on international shipment companies like us to handle heavy equipment shipments. Without the efficient service we provide on a global scale industries would be paralyzed. Imagine not being able to trade and transport construction/mining machinery necessary to build structures. It would be a world devoid of progress. Everything would be at a very slow pace. International Vehicle Shipping has built a reputation with customers and carriers based on reliability, affordability and customer-oriented service at all levels. This is true most especially in the heavy machinery aspect. This we continue to do so, and our customer testimonies attest to that.