Bus Shipping

Nowadays, shipping is no longer constrained with simple and small parcels. It can be as small as an envelope containing messages to as big as buses and RVs. Here are some helpful details if you plan to transport cargo as big as a bus, literally.

Bus Shipping 101: What to Expect with International Shipping

Shipping Buses is no longer uncommon. As an international shipping company, our services make your point B an easy destination anywhere in the world.

If you are looking for a fast, reliable and cost efficient company to provide your international shipping needs, International Vehicle Shipping offers a fast and easy way of transporting your buses from point A to B, without having to compromise on the safety and quality. We have a customer service toll free number where you can expect a ready, efficient, representative to answer all your shipping related concerns.

Our proficient freight forwarders ensure that all the required customs procedures are taken care of. This includes the procedure for the requirement to load and unload the bus. For the same reason we ensure that all global standards are met and are up to par.

Why Ship a Bus?

There is a huge demand for US made buses because of their universal design and features plus its more cost affordable compared to other internationally manufactured competitors. Tourism can be a huge influence too as to why there is a need to ship metro buses, airport shuttle vans, coaches and even regular school buses outside of the US. It’s providing tourists the option to enjoy international standards of transportation and making them feel they never left home. Taking advantage of these factors, our company offers the same efficient and cost effective means of shipping these buses around the globe.

Export And Import

It all starts with the simple principle of trade and industry, moving to and from the US to the rest of the world. And this is why we specialize in oversized vehicles such as buses. Buses are in high demand considering the volume of people they can transport from one place to another. We have earned the reputation of a customer-based transportation service therefore it doesn’t matter whether you’re a huge bus company expanding outside the US shores or a private individual. We provide unbiased, quality shipment services. Size is not an issue with our services. It can be a double-decked or a triple-decker bus, it doesn’t matter as long as there are trucks and buses to ship out, we can work directly or indirectly with you. Just like any other business, the price of the cargo shipment is directly proportionate to the size of the shipment itself.

Systematic Approach

From the manufacturer to the trailer, to the ship, everything is expertly handled as a system of processes by a team of specialists in clearing and forwarding, export packing, export compliance, charters representation and a whole lot more. A bus can be brand new or second-hand, directly shipped from the manufacturer or auction house, we don’t mind. Our options for service are unlimited.

RORO or Ship Containers?

The two most common method of transportation depends on several factors. A regular sized bus may fit into a 20-foot container, while huge double or triple-decker buses can be disassembled, packaged and secured and may use a 20-45 foot container. Our Roll-on/Roll-off method allows for a huge volumes to be shipped and is more cost-efficient. Everything is tailored-fit according to your preference and need. Most clients are aware of these 2-shipment methods and have already made up their mind. We go the extra mile in assuring the utmost safety of your buses through our adherence to strict regulatory standards.

How We Do It

It starts with the top concern – the Cost. Any customer needs to know how much a bus shipping may cost them. Our toll-free number serves this purpose and the in-house estimating department can send a fast estimate through email or while you have them on the phone. Bus size and dimension is important so have this information ready when requesting an estimate.

Detailed Profiling. This serves as the main database of information for the bus shipment that is necessary for the whole handling process. Every detail counts and is therefore useful.

Carrier Selection. The database is meticulously filled-out during profiling to match the specific carrier who can handle the bus shipment needs. It’s a filtering approach in choosing the best freight carrier for your bus shipment.

Load Tracking. As the whole handling process is carried through to completion, you can track your bus shipment through a customer portal with regards to status of shipment, delivery details, all relevant information sent through email.

Other Services And Benefits

We managed to keep up with the growing demand of bus transport companies expanding operation overseas and from the US. Our methods and processes are assured to be of global standards, you always have the wider option of choosing which is most suitable for your bus shipment. And since we ensure a customer-based approach, our service centers on more benefits for you.

  • Reduced bus shipment rates for certain destinations such as Europe, Africa etc.
  • Restricting left hand driven buses to right hand driving countries.
  • Import duty taxes may be waived for bus shipments by permanent residence (Africa)
  • In-depth regulation and compliance of rules in bus shipment by thorough check up on fuel tanks, fittings etc.
  • Bus shipment is avoided during hurricane season
  • Emission test of bus cargo is performed before loading
  • Strict compliance of the importation of buses older than 5 years old is followed (Central America)
  • Import requirements and restrictions such as bus cleaning and inspection are to be followed.
  • Highly qualified 3rd party logistics to handle bill of lading, customs documentation, and insurances for bus shipment consignees etc.

We can expertly say, International Vehicle Shipping provides the solution to your bus shipping problems with a complete blend of technology, people collaboration and an organized approach to transportation services. We offer only world-class bus shipment service combined with regulatory standards accepted worldwide.