With auto shipping international companies can help you prepare your vehicle for shipment if you are not present. The preparations vary based on the type of service you select from auto shipping international companies. If you are sending the vehicle to Africa and it is a non-operational vehicle the law states that the brakes must still work. If you are sending it to Europe and it is non-operational an auto shipping international company will inform you of the associated fee for non-operational vehicles. If instead you are using an auto shipping international company to send your vehicle to Australia you have to make sure you apply for an import permit and prove that your vehicle is in compliance with Australian motor laws.

With auto shipping international services can send your car or truck on an ocean carrier. You can opt for roll on/roll off service wherein your vehicle is rolled on and off of the ocean carrier at the departure and destination port. In this instance you are responsible for getting the vehicle to the port and picking it up once it arrives. In these cases you must keep one quarter of a tank of gas so the vehicle can be started when it is rolled on and rolled off.

You can select a crate for your vehicle through auto shipping international companies. This is true for motorcycles as well. The crates can be filled with your personal belongings alongside the vehicle but the vehicle must be loaded with the front end facing the doors of the crate. You have to remove personal and loose items from the vehicle and disconnect your battery. You also must drain all of the fluid and make sure you inspect the vehicle or have it professionally inspected to note any existing damage to it.

When you use an auto shipping international service you will need a variety of items including:

  • A copy of your personal ID
  • A copy of your title or proof of ownership to the vehicle
  • Any customs forms
  • Description of the vehicle
  • Receipt and confirmation number for shipment

Ninety percent of world trade is carried via ocean carrier and auto shipping international services are only a small part of this. International Maritime law states that the carriers for auto shipping international can only be liable for five hundred dollars worth of damage to your vehicle. As such when you use auto shipping international services you will need to make sure you have additional shipping coverage either from your standard insurance provider or a new provider.